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Please see below how to make the payment 


Re-Booking Form Completed and Received!

Thank you for completing our booking form to move your existing booking to your new date and your details have been successfully sent to us. The next step is the £100.00 re-booking deposit. Please click the button below to complete the payment.


Being a seasonal company with many overheads such as Warehouses, Showroom, Vehicles and of course Staff Wages.  This year like most other companies and industries has been extremely difficult due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  We envisage we will lose 75% of our turnover this year, so to help contribute to our running costs and overheads and so we can be around for years to come, we are asking for a small re-booking deposit of £100.00 to move existing bookings and clients to their new chosen date. All existing deposit payments will be carried over to the new date and the additional £100.00 re-booking deposit will also come off the total balance remaining for your booking.  


Of course if you have any questions at all regarding the re-booking process then please do contact us on 01424 870084.  

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